COLOR & CO: At-home hair color customized by L'OREAL

Hair color expertly customized by L’OREAL Colorists and delivered straight to your door.

Our color experts are here to help every step of the way, there’s no risk to DIY, get professional results.

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How is Color&Co different?
Color&Co is unlike any other at-home haircolor. We provide salon-quality personalized haircolor, created with an exclusive L'Oreal formula and professional-grade color pigments, rich conditioners and shine-boosting ingredients. Our formulas are free of Parabens, PPD and resorcinol. Not only do we create personalized shades for each client, we also provide custom developers, applications, and instructions to bring the salon experience right to your door.
What is customized haircolor?
Customized haircolor is the only at-home color that can take into account all of the unique details of your hair-including length, texture, density and chemical history. All of these components will affect your end result, which is why Personalized Haircolor by L'Oreal guarantees that the color you want is the color you get!
Why should I consult with a colorist?
Speaking to a colorist gives you the full salon experience from the comfort of home. You can express all of your hair goals and concerns in order to ensure the most accurate hair diagnostic. Your colorist will ask you questions about your hair and provide expert tips to make sure you can apply your haircolor at home like a pro. Plus - it's totally free!
How long does a consultation take?
Your professional consultation is quick, easy, and totally free. Consultations typically last about 10 minutes depending on your hair goals and concerns.
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